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482342151Many writers find themselves agonizing for hours over the appropriate character names for their stories. They understand the importance of the right name to convey who their characters are, but don’t know how to figure out the right names. Sometimes, it can be a real drag because you have the feeling that you can’t move on and keep writing. Again, you won’t be managing your time wisely if you spend a lot of time thinking about your character name. However, choosing character names shouldn’t be a daunting process if you understand a few character-naming tips.  Without much ado, here are five tricks that you can use to help you perfect the art of coming up with more character names you like—faster:

Try Random Name Generator

This is a great tool. All you need to do is to choose your character gender and whether you want a common, average, or a rare name. You will be surprised about what you get.

Borrow From Ancient Civilizations

Ancient names will give your character some flair and sense of mystery. Figure out the geography and the history of your plot when you are looking for character naming inspirations from ancient civilizations.

Capitalize On Nicknames

Try to give your characters some silly monikers that sound like them. Some of the most common examples include:

• Tick and vex from Lost Girl

• Jack Limberleg from Kate Milford’s  The Boneshaker

• Tiny Doom and Nini Mo from Flora Segunda series

Play With Sounds And Syllables

You can also play with those hard-hitting dental consonants to make your character appear tough.

Keep a record of character names you like

Make a list of some of the favorite names you’ve heard or jot them down whenever you hear them. You can use some of the names straight from your list. To ensure that you pick the best name, ask yourself what you like about a particular name to get a better sense of how you want your character name to sound.

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Are you struggling with that one book that doesn’t want to sell? Maybe it’s about time you shipped sales over to Norway. They say Norway is a country where every writer has a chance to earn a Neurosurgeon’s salary, and here are some pretty good reasons why.

Norway’s oil boom raised per capita income which in layman means everyone has great purchasing power. Coincidentally, the standards of living in the country are higher than Manhattan’s with a can of soda costing as much as $6 in a local store. All public universities in the country are free to attend and adult literacy level is a whopping 100%. It’s quite evident Norwegians are avid readers; it’s possible to meet a truck driver holding a copy of Oliver Twist.

The Norwegian government has invested heavily in local culture, part of these move geared towards promoting a reading culture in the country. Every book published by a Norwegian author is required by government to appear in the National Library provided it passes the standard quality control measures. To be specific, the Norwegian Government purchases 1000 copies from the author and stock them to the national library. National libraries are also undergoing a process of digitization meaning every book in the country will be available for reading to the public. The books will not be downloadable and any request for a hard copy title means purchasing it straight from a book store.

Norwegian publishing companies control all the book stores in the country and the Government does not allow discounting of book prices so as to protect local authors from subsidizing websites like Amazon. Every Norwegian author has direct support from the government and has a stipend that sustains them till retirement age.

So, if these are the odds local Norwegian authors have in their own country, what chances would you have entering the market as an International Publishing author? Provided it’s quality literature that the country will enjoy, the government is fully behind you. Once you get over the translation hurdle, you have a good market price for your books, guaranteed purchase of first 1000 copies, and a stable income till you age.

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482101323Writing a book is a dream for many people. With all the competition, it’s essential that you get your book as print-ready as possible before sending to publishers. Not only does this make it easier for you to find a publisher, but it also ensures that you book gets into the hands of readers.

Choose Your Target Audience

No book is right for everyone. By understanding the target audience you are writing for, you can structure your book and write it in a style and tone that caters to your target market. By doing this you stand the best chance of finding readers who not only love your book, but who will recommend it to others.

Know Your Sources

If you have written a non-fiction book, you have to make certain that the sources you use for references, quotations, and research are reliable, reputable, and up to date. You want your book well-researched and the information in the book to be accurate. It’s necessary to review all your sources after you finish the manuscript.

Check for Borrowed Material

If there is any information in your book that you borrowed, you need to make note of it on the copyright page. Otherwise, you could be accused of copyright infringement which will cause problems for both you and your publisher.

Add Images

If you have a non-fiction book, you may need pictures, illustrations, diagrams or other visual elements to clarify information. If you book doesn’t require images, then an author’s headshot is probably needed for the back of the book. Getting a professional headshot is a good idea.

Get Feedback

Once you have completed your book, it’s important to get feedback on your manuscript before sending it to publishers. Ask family, friends and colleagues to read your work and to offer honest critiques. Accept their constructive criticism. By taking their feedback into account, you can improve your book.

Writing and publishing are great ways to get your work in into the hands of the public. By using a few tips, you can find a publisher for your book.

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sb10064068p-001Some view creative writing as simple, yet difficult simultaneously. Is there a way to make the process more simplified and fine at the same time? Is there a way to improve our writing while we’re at it, too? The answers to each of these questions are absolutely yes.

Here is a list of tips to help boost your creative writing:

  • Invest: purchase a couple of tried and true books including The Elements of Style, The Chicago Manual of Style, a dictionary, and a thesaurus. These books are excellent resources that will not only keep you on track, but will also prevent you from making mistakes, being cliché, and making critical errors in your writing.
  • Write: this is one of the simplest creative writing tips you can hear. The more you write, the better you can get at the craft. If you’re procrastinating, you’re not writing. If you’re planning to write, you’re not creative writing. The more planning and preparing you do, the less creative writing you’re doing. Therefore, you need to actually write.
  • Read: this may seem contradictory to the last tip you just read, but it’s important to read. A good writer actually read more than they actually write. If you want to write about horror, you’re actually going to read everything you can within that genre as often as you can. How else can you know for sure you’re writing well within this niche?
  • Blog: when you write about what you want, then you can be more creative about your writing. This allows you to be more passionate about the craft of writing, research about what you want to write about, and become more familiar with your topics. When you keep a blog, this also helps keep you more accountable with regards to scheduling, word counts, and your own personal goals.
  • Proofread: no matter what, you have to proofread your work. This includes the work you’re creating on your blog, in your journals, in your notebooks, and in your documents. This will get you in the habit of improving your grammar, style, and voice. You’ll not only improve upon your writing style, but it will help you learn how to quickly self-edit while understanding why an editor is making these corrections.

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Writing is a passion, and, like most passions, regular practice and care are the keys to success. If you have always wanted to pursue a career in writing, or just want to improve the general quality of your work, it is highly recommended for you to follow some of these writing tips and see how they can help you.

To begin, one of the best tips for writers is to read as often as possible. Not only should you be reading frequently, but you should be reading work that is worth reading. While it may seem harsh, the only way for you to improve is to read good prose and see what defines it as good. If you take example from poor material, then your work will reflect it.

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Be sure to write a lot as well. This may be another obvious piece of advice, but reading and writing as often as you can will help your skills take root. Once you begin to write regularly, you will be able to look into your work on a larger level, picking out problems and seeing how you can refine your own technique.

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Write down your ideas as they appear in your head. Write down pieces of conversations that you hear and write down things that you visualize. Making narratives on the spot is a great piece of exercise that you can use to further your own personal talents. Get out and explore, as some of the best inspiration that you can find may be just around the corner.

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Try to write as frequently as possible, creating a little ritual if necessary. This is an important part in making sure that your skills grow solid. Take a certain amount of time every day to dedicate to your writing, or write a certain number of words every day to see how your skills are coming along.

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When it comes to making it as a freelance writer, knowing how to market yourself might be the single most important skill in a successful long-term career. There are many great writers who are broke and many average writers who bring in six figures. Learning how to get yourself more writing jobs, and the right type of writing jobs, can make all the difference.

The first thing you want to do is hit up people in niches you’re familiar with. Everyone needs a website to have an online presence, and every website needs good content. Do you knit? Are you a wilderness survival specialist? What hobbies or passions do you have more than a beginner’s knowledge in? Check out the Google results for search terms related to these areas and then ignore the first two pages and look for sites and blogs on page four, five, or even further back. Pitch to them how your new content can help boost their rankings and their authority. You’ll be amazed how many answer!

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The next place to find more writing jobs is by creating a great website that is locally SEO friendly (think Google+ and claiming your Google places listing for your freelancing business) and advertises your services. This can go on business cards, you can advertise on Facebook, and just making your site SEO friendly will help local businesses in need of a writer to find you.

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Finally, consider looking for local marketing and SEO agencies. Content marketing is a major part of any online marketing plan, and SEO requires new high-quality content on a frequent basis. Making direct contact gives you an opportunity not only to find more clients who will need consistent freelance writing work but to also to have more control over setting your prices. Have a great portfolio ready and you will be able to ask for a quality rate for your quality content.

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Whether you are planning on publishing a book or starting an online journal, you might want to think about starting a writing journal. If you have never done this before, you might find yourself wondering just how a writing journal can help you in your future writing ventures. The nice thing about your writing journal is that it can be anything that you want it to be. You might think that there are not many things that you can do with such a journal, but that is hardly the case.

You have the chance to use it for just about anything you want. For example, you can use it solely as your idea journal. This is where you will scratch down ideas that would work for the current project that you are working on or even an entirely new project that you might want to start in the near future. You might not know if you will ever use all of the ideas that you jot down in that journal, but they will always be there for you if and when you want them.

You could also use your writing journal as a dream journal. As soon as you wake up, you can write everything from your dreams that you remember. Not only is this a great exercise in self expression, but it helps you learn the craft of describing unique scenarios. You could also refer back to that journal when it is time to do some creative writing.

As you can imagine, it might take a little getting used to when it comes to writing in a journal. Whether you use your journal for your published works now, in the future, or never, it will never be something that you will end you will end up feeling as though you wasted your time.

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