Writing A Killer Story Blurb


So you’ve written a book? Congratulations – now what you have left to do is to write a great blurb or synopsis of your book for your query letter, get your book published and of course, sell enough copies to make the entire venture worthwhile.

Writing story blurbs isn’t as easy as you might think and the trick is to provide a synopsis that gives enough information for the reader to get an accurate idea of what your book is about, without including too many theme descriptions. You also don’t want to make your blurb too long, otherwise a reader and potential publisher of your work may well lose interest, and one or two paragraphs focusing on the highlights of your story, and not the details, is considered to be most effective.

There are some other points to consider to increase the chances of your story blurb catching the attention of a reader. Try not to give away the ending of your story; you want to give a clear idea of what it is about and perhaps some of the plot highlights without giving too much away. Save the details and twists and turns as a surprise for the reader. Talk about one character in the book, rather than several, and try to focus on that character’s human side and the emotions that we are all familiar with – hope, fear, love, etc. If the reader of your blurb can identify with the character in the space of just a couple of paragraphs, they are more likely to be interested. Keep your blurb concise and simple; your story synopsis is not the time to use too much symbolism, overly descriptive passages or long, flowing sentences. Ideally, use the same tone and style as your book contains.

We want you to succeed, and the tips above can help you to be successful with one of the most potentially difficult parts of the book publishing process, writing a killer blurb of your book! The main idea is to get the reader’s attention and keep it long enough for them to want to know more, in this case, the agent you are trying to sell the story to.

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  1. Oh I hate writing blurbs. Ironically, it seems I’m quite good at it. Go figure : /

      • YES! I want to keep expanding the story, trying to cut it down and make it coherent is quite difficult. Thanks for this post!

  2. Very useful article. I have very little experience writing blurbs and find them more difficult than writing the novel so this article was just what I needed.

  3. Oh this is sooooo true. I am terrible at writing blurbs. Novels, Novelettes sure, but blurbs. Nope. LOL

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