Simple Tips For Debates

453454235Joining a debate team looks great on a college application. It also teaches you great skills that will carry forward through the rest of your life. If you’re really passionate about debate, though, there’s one reason to do it – your love of winning. If you want to do better in your next competition, make sure to pay attention to these tips for debates while you begin the process of preparation.

One of they keys of debate that many new debaters tend to forget is presentation. It doesn’t matter how much information you have or how well researched your position, you’ll lose if you can’t present your ideas clearly, concisely, and in an informative manner. Make sure to keep eye contact with your adjudicator, enunciate your words, and by all means make sure to speak in a slow and clear voice. You’re not just trying to rush out an argument – you’re making an attempt to sway an educated person to your side. Do that with all of the gravitas that it demands.

It’s also important to make sure that you make the proper use of emotion. While it’s certainly a bad idea to become angry or frustrated during a debate, it is a good idea to be passionate about your topic. Emotions help your audience to engage with you, so make sure that you make use of them during your presentation. You never know how you might impact someone by using the right tone – so make sure that you practice not just your facts, but your delivery.

If you want to be great at debating, your best bet is practice. Make sure that you know your material, but also make sure that you are comfortable delivering it to an audience. Use your emotions wisely, and always make sure that you are presenting your information in a way that speaks to your audience. With a great deal of hard work and preparation, you can put yourself in a winning position every time. For more information on debates or new ideas about writing and publishing, make sure to follow us today.

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