What To Do Before You Publish Your Writing Work

482101323Writing a book is a dream for many people. With all the competition, it’s essential that you get your book as print-ready as possible before sending to publishers. Not only does this make it easier for you to find a publisher, but it also ensures that you book gets into the hands of readers.

Choose Your Target Audience

No book is right for everyone. By understanding the target audience you are writing for, you can structure your book and write it in a style and tone that caters to your target market. By doing this you stand the best chance of finding readers who not only love your book, but who will recommend it to others.

Know Your Sources

If you have written a non-fiction book, you have to make certain that the sources you use for references, quotations, and research are reliable, reputable, and up to date. You want your book well-researched and the information in the book to be accurate. It’s necessary to review all your sources after you finish the manuscript.

Check for Borrowed Material

If there is any information in your book that you borrowed, you need to make note of it on the copyright page. Otherwise, you could be accused of copyright infringement which will cause problems for both you and your publisher.

Add Images

If you have a non-fiction book, you may need pictures, illustrations, diagrams or other visual elements to clarify information. If you book doesn’t require images, then an author’s headshot is probably needed for the back of the book. Getting a professional headshot is a good idea.

Get Feedback

Once you have completed your book, it’s important to get feedback on your manuscript before sending it to publishers. Ask family, friends and colleagues to read your work and to offer honest critiques. Accept their constructive criticism. By taking their feedback into account, you can improve your book.

Writing and publishing are great ways to get your work in into the hands of the public. By using a few tips, you can find a publisher for your book.

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