You Can Start Writing A Graphic Novel With These Tips

453611575Writing a graphic novel is a creative process and there is no formula for this process. Different writers work in different ways and what works for one writer may not work for another. You can try out graphic novel writing from different perspectives but the important thing is that you get the project completed at the end of the day. Below are some tips you can use to write your graphic novel.

Write your script first

Your graphic novel should have a script to go with the images. To be sure that the images and the script are perfectly in sync, it is vital to begin with the script. Once you complete the script, you have given the book a sense of direction. You can now go ahead and add the graphics to go with the script.

Work on the thumbnails

Thumbnails are also called layouts. This is basically a rough draft of the book in words and in pictures. To make your graphic novel a success, you can simply create the thumbnail before developing the novel. This makes it easy for you to figure out where you need to make improvements in your book.

Edit and edit

If you are familiar with writing and editing, then you probably know that most books require plenty of rewriting and editing before they are ready for the press. Do not be afraid to edit and rewrite. The more you edit, the better your book becomes.

Incubate the idea for better results

Writing a book is a marathon and not a sprint. This is why you need to take your time to get it right. Apart from writing and editing, you need to take a break from the book once in a while. Sometimes, you can do this when you run into a hitch. Let your subconscious mind work on the book and the hitch will be resolved in no time.

Graphic novel writing is not very easy but it can be done if you follow the right process. Use the tips above as your guide and you will not go wrong.

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