Home Guide – Plumbing Repairs That May Not Require Calling A Plumber

465698593If you are a practically minded person, you can perform numerous plumbing repair jobs yourself. Lots of these jobs are centered on conserving water, which will greatly reduce your utility bills over the long term. Always be aware of the location of the primary water supply, as well as the supply to every plumbing application. Usually, this is positioned behind a toilet or beneath a sink.

Running Toilets

Running toilets are often caused by malfunctioning floater switches or stop valves. These are the big bulbs at the back of toilets, which prevent fresh water from entering the toilet after the tank has filled. You can repair the issue temporarily, by maneuvering the toilet handle. However, for a permanent solution, it is best to replace the whole assembly.

477974175Faucet Leaks

Leaking faucets can be reasonably simple to repair, based on the faucet type, so familiarize yourself with the standard faucet models, and the methods for taking them to pieces. Typically, slow drips indicate that you only need to replace the washer. However, check that you understand which sized washer is required, prior to purchasing a new one.


When it comes to caulking showers and bathtubs, the key is to use the correct caulk type. There are numerous caulk types on the market, which are utilized for home repairs like sealing plumbing appliances off, and filling in drywall cracks. Ensure that you always read the product label, and only buy caulk that is specifically designed for showers and tubs. If in doubt, ask the person at the hardware shop for assistance. It is best to pay a little bit more for a good quality caulking gun. This will not break the bank, and these guns are user friendly and long lasting.

Finally, you can reduce your water bills each month by up to thirty percent, if you upgrade to low flow showerheads. This is an easy task that will dramatically lower your water consumption. These showerheads can be purchased from the majority of hardware or plumbing supply stores. If you are in need of a plumbing professional, call us for a licensed and insured expert plumbing service.

AC Heating Plumbing

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