The Perfect Day For A Writer


The life of a writer is definitely not as glamorous as it is portrayed in movies and in peoples’ perceptions; it is quite the opposite. That is why writers need to liven up their daily work schedule every now and then. Not only will changing things up help to relieve the monotony of your work, it will help to inspire you creativity as well. Here are our favorite tips on how to make the perfect day for a writer:


Plan Your Day Around Food

Nourishment is one of those little things that tends to distract writers throughout their workday. You can fight this distraction by planning your day and cooking accordingly. Plan on having a full buffet for yourself throughout the day. Simply having snacks laid out for yourself will help keep away the hunger pangs that creep up throughout your workday.


Plan A Nap In Your Day

Stephen King is not only one of our generations best authors, he is one of the greatest advocates of napping that has ever lived. Writing is a very intensive process, and can wipe you out physically and mentally very quickly. A nap is the best way for a writer to recharge and make sure their skills are sharpened while writing. When scheduling your day, you do not need to schedule a nap at any certain time in the day, but leave 30-45 minutes in your day for a nap whenever you need it.


Make A Comfy Spot For Your Pets

Most writers have pets, and know that having that pet nearby is an integral part of the writing process. Make sure that your little friend(s) are content throughout your whole day. Make sure that they have a comfortable spot near to your writing area, toys nearby (in case they get bored), and be sure that there is at least a small dish of water nearby.


Tune Out The Rest

Being able to tune out the rest of the world is not always the easiest thing, even for the best writers. Avoid any distractions in the best way that YOU can. Some writers work best while listening to music, others need total silence. Some writers concentrate in a brightly lit environment, others concentrate better in the dark… There are so many options available for tuning out the rest of the world around you while you are writing, the trick is to find out which technique(s) work best or you.


Have Fun While You Write!

The most important thing to remember — that will help in making the perfect day for a writer — is that even though this is your job, you can make it fun and enjoy it! Though writing can be a difficult and busy job sometimes, remember that you craft your own workday, just as you craft the words in your writing.

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