The Best Courier For Writers and Publishers

Some out there think that living the life of a writer is all glitz, glamor, and free time — boy are those individuals wrong. We writers know that the life of a writer is filled with hectic scheduling, deadlines, writer’s blocks, and all of life’s little errands. When it comes down to it, being a writer is rush, rush, rush, in a profession where you shouldn’t rush creativity.

One of the biggest items on the never-ending to-do list of a writer has to do with shipping, mailing, and sending of manuscripts, contracts, submissions, query letters, etc. — it never ends! This is why the smartest of writers simplify their correspondence, shipping, and receiving by using a company that specializes in taking the responsibility off of you. While a great many publishers, agents, and writers are switching to online submission forms and electronic mail, SNAIL MAIL is still around and requires you to take care of the shipping.

Courier Connection feels your plight and makes it easy for writers to consolidate all of their shipping and courier services. By establishing an account with Courier Connection, you gain access to a full team of shipping professionals that will take care of all of the logistics and tracking of your packages and manuscripts, and they do it in double quick time.

Check out the extremely-quick delivery schedules you can rely on from Courier Connection:

courierconnectionCheck out Courier Connection online and let them take care of your shipping so you can get back to what you really do — writing:

Courier Connection

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